“Monster Vision” Marketing for Authors!

How Lady Gaga’s “Monster Vision” Can Punch Up the Marketing of Your Novel. A monstrously eye-opening article from The Total Package! “Monetizing The Monsters” Posted By Troy White On April 22, 2010 @ 8:00 am In Troy White Fellow Business-Builder, I’ll be the first to admit … what follows scares the crap out of me. […]

WordPress Dream for Writers

Go For Your Dream, Authors! Fear Not the Dastardly WordPress “Brain Freeze!” Imagine being able to create that Incredible Indelible Blog that will showcase you as an Author, and, your latest novel. That audio and video rich web presence that you’ve been dreaming about, but just couldn’t wrap your non-geeky brain around the blogging technology. […]

The Magic of Voice for Authors

Your voice is truly magic! It’s never been more important for Storytellers in the digital age to learn to master their voice. To harness the power within, as celebrity voice coach Arthur Joseph puts it in Vocal Power: Harnessing the Power Within. For Authors, connecting on a personal level with your Readers has never been […]